Sunday, May 08, 2011

Samuel: 26 Months

Dear Samuel,

Yesterday you turned two years and two months, and when I laid down at night, I realized the day had come and gone, and you were no longer in a crib; a fitting birthday milestone for this month. This month is significant for your sister as well, for she was just under 26 months when I brought you home from the hospital.

You are curious and fun and lively. You light up a room the moment you enter, galloping and grinning ear to ear. You still aren't very interested in talking or sounding things out, but boy are you into figuring things out. Just a day after loading the netflix app on my phone, I found you watching a veggie tales movie. Tonight when you thought we weren't looking, I surprised you as you stole away with a sharp awl from Daddy's tool bench.

You and your sister share a love for creepy, crawly things. In the past month, you've collected snails and spiders, slugs and frogs. You pick up dead bugs, alive ones, and you may even have attempted to eat a common house fly this week. "Attempted" being the key word. You did not succeed.

I've so been enjoying our time together while Maddie is at school. In the past few weeks the hours have seemed especially slow, and we've enjoyed park dates and coffee dates, visits to Daddy and walks on the trail. You are such a happy companion, easygoing and sweet and so much fun.

You are talking in more and more complicated phrases, even putting three words together now. Our favorite phrases around these parts are "stiiiinky poo poo" and "pee (please), Mama, peeeee." You are also so good about apologizing when you've disobeyed, and your sweet little "wowwy" just melts my heart no matter what naughtiness you've been up to.

It's fitting today is Mother's Day, and though this post is one day late it gives me great pleasure to know you are tucked away in your big boy bed, snuggled in tight tonight with extra renditions of "twinkle, twinkle" and extra kisses and hugs from your Mama. It is such an absolute joy and delight to know that each and every morning I get to wake up to that smiling, happy face.

Thank you for being such a sweet little guy, for melting my heart with your tender little cuddles, and for bringing me to my knees in prayer each day. Sleep well, my big boy.



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mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love his new big boy bed! Yay Sam!