Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maddie: 52 Months

Dear Madeleine Noelle,

I don't think you know just how impossibly beautiful you are. When you first wake up, there is a flush to your cheeks and softness to your eyes that makes you practically irresistible. I have so enjoyed this past month of life with you. You are sweet and funny, kind and loving, imaginative and full of spunk.

This month we spent ten luscious days in Hawaii, where you astounded even your mother with your incredible sense of adventure. At only four years old, you've accomplished so many things and gone on many, many adventures. We watched with great joy as you snorkeled for the first time, emerging from the water with a smile nearly as wide as the sea turtle with which you swam. You had your first ever (and long awaited) sleepover with Nicole. You boogie boarded with your dad in the strong waves. Your Daddy and I just laughed with amazement as we watched you conquer so many firsts with pure Maddie joy, tenacity and spirit.

You are hilarious and imaginative. We are constantly amused by your made-up songs, silly knock-knock jokes, and especially when you aren't trying to be funny but just happen to say the zaniest things. Your brain is full of information and you are constantly downloading it as the world around you triggers memories or thoughts. It is like traveling around with that Jerry Maguire kid except you are even cuter and the lines aren't staged.

When you are quiet, I find you playing with dolls and stuffed animals just as often as I find you imagining with rocks, sticks and snails. You are in every way a girly girl who likes to dress up, wear makeup, wear your hair "long and beautiful," and trip around in clip-clop shoes. Yet you are strong, adventurous, outgoing and athletic. You thrive in new situations. You love to run and climb and swim and jump and wrestle.

It seems like every day you break out with a new saying or hand gesture that reminds me that I am ceasing to be the major influence in your life. You informed us on our trip you would be needing to make a "pit stop" when it was time to go potty. When telling stories, your hands and eyebrows work together in great sweeping flourishes, embellishing your words.

And through it all, as I often remind you, you remain my most favorite girl ever. You are such a joy to parent, a delight to love, and so much fun to spend time with. Thanks for brightening up our lives each and every day.



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