Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Samuel: A Year and A Half

Dear Sambino the Great,

What joy you bring us each day, my sweet boy. You are full of life and energy and fun. Everything we do is so much more enjoyable with you around. You are running, climbing, laughing, talking, signing and making all kinds of noises. You are at the age where you bounce from one activity to the next, navigating the room as you play with each item for approximately 1.8 seconds. You are, in short, a whirlwind.

You continue to be interested in all things boy: balls are your new favorite friends. You love to throw and kick balls all over the house and practice shooting hoops in the back yard (in your mini hoop). You push tractors while making tractor sounds. You point out trucks, cement mixers and tractors as we drive down the road. You love to ride on anything with wheels and are especially curious about scooters. You can spot a motorcycle blocks away and will take off running in order to see it up close.

Everyone who meets you comments on what a chill little guy you are. You love to just walk around, doing your own thing, not really bothered by what's going on around you, but content just being you. You love to drum on our drum at home and especially on Tyler's big set. You dance and "sing" to music and are always impressing us with your unique moves.

(picture by Maddie)

When Dada has a special project he's working on, you love to be right by his side, taking everything in, figuring out how things work and where they go. You're a great little helper! You also love to help out in the kitchen. You and your big sister will push up a couple of side tables and help me make dinner (or play in the dish soap bubbles in the sink).

You have a definite sweet tooth, enjoying fruit more than just about anything. You can eat massive amounts of watermelon, grapes, strawberries, apple, banana, melon, blueberries, just sitting in your chair, munching away as life goes on around you. You are also a sneaky little dessert stealer, known to swipe my ice cream right out from under me! But you enjoy it so much and are so adorable, it's quite hard to say no.

You are a big-time snuggler. I can always count on you for sweet kisses and hugs. You often lay your head down on my shoulder, snuggle in and stay for a while. It is awesome. You spontaneously give kisses and loves, melting our hearts with your affection. I will never, ever tire of picking you up and having you cradle my neck with your arm and face, tucking your arms in, laying your head down on my shoulder. It's the best.

And, to finish, I will post the body of an email I sent out earlier this month to your grandparents. It perfectly describes who you are these days:

PSA: Dangerous Sambino on the Loose

Bambino Sambino
aliases: Sam the man; Sam, Sam the Mama's Man; The Great Samboni; Sammy; Samalicious

Warning: Bambino Sambino is dangerous. In just the past week, he has stolen precious items from drawers, closets and bins. He has scaled walls, climbed out of barred enclosures, and thrown sharp objects.

Repeat: Sambino is treacherous. He carries weapons of mass destruction in his pants. He creates havoc wherever he goes.

Important: Do not attempt to approach Sambino between the hours of 4-6 p.m., as this is his most dangerous and unpredictable time. Again: do not approach Sambino. He is known to act impulsively and without concern for others. He may harm himself and others.

Attached are two pictures of the culprit. If you see him, do not approach, as he may be armed. Instead, call the Mad Mama Hotline immediately.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Sambino, you are such a tornado and such a delight. You are this Mama's dream come true. Thanks for making our life so full of fun and adventure, and for keeping me on my toes.



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mel @ the larson lingo said...

I am laughing out loud reading the email you sent to your inlaws. Hysterical!