Thursday, September 16, 2010

I missed these two

It's kind of funny, actually. As a stay at home Mama, there are many, many days where I am tired, exasperated, frustrated, and I think, "If only I could get a break."

But then, in two short weeks, I was unable to take care of my kiddos five or six days. By the time I recovered from my colonoscopy, I came down with a horrible flu bug. Spent four days in bed, horrible. Someone else (thank you Daddy, Jennie and Tutu) filled in.

And I really missed my kids. Really!

Take this little guy:

Oh my goodness, I'm totally babycrushing my own son right now. He is incredible. He laughs all the time, at everything. He never cries. He gives me big snuggles all day long. He loves to make Maddie laugh. He loves to play with any kind of ball. He eats everything I put in front of him; last night he ate two heaping bowls of cod in a curry broth with steamed spinach and rice.

All in all, he's just a perfect little pumpkin pie and I could eat him up.

And this one:

This week at the park and various other locations about town I did the 5-minute, 3-minute and 1-minute warnings about heading home (Can I get a what-what from you moms? I know you know what I mean by the warnings.) Each time I announced it was time to go, she ran right to me, replying "Okay, Mama!" ...
...that is the sound of my jaw dropping open.

This week she decided to recruit Sam as her helper in carrying out her household chore of feeding the dog. "Sam, you want to help me out? Do you? Come on, bud. Let's do it." She takes his hand, leads him across the floor, as he looks to Ben and I, waving, saying "Bye," (though it sounds like "iii"), smiling ear to ear. She helps him scoop food into the dish, all the while offering encouraging statements: "Perfect, Bud!" "Great job, Sam." "You're doing it!" The two of them are a precious little pair.

A few nights ago we were discussing values before bed, after reading a story about the Pharisees. I told her how status was really important to some people. Money, to others. She asked what was important to me, and I told her it was really important to me to follow God and be the best Mama I can be. I gave a few other examples and then asked her the same question. She thought about it for a minute, looked at me, and said: "Brushing my teeth. Brushing my teeth is very important to me." I died.

Nothing like a break to help you appreciate what you have right in front of you. Two sweet babes who just need "a little Mama time."

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TDM Wendy said...

Perhaps the best part that mom's "break" came by way of flu. Totally desperate mom action for sure. Hope you have another enjoyable week!