Sunday, June 06, 2010

Samuel: 15 Months

My Sweet Big-Baby Boy,

I say "Big-Baby" because you resemble more of a little boy than a baby these days, but I stubbornly refuse to let the baby days slip away. You are running and plotting and climbing and teasing and so much fun!

You are all boy, digging in dirt, climbing any vertical surface, growling, carrying big sticks, noticing anything with wheels, and obsessed with trucks, tractors, planes and the like. But you are also gentle, sweet, and deliciously affectionate. On Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market we glanced over to see you throwing yourself forward in your stroller into the arms of your sister, hugging and then kissing her, looking at her face and then starting the process all over again. When you break out into these spontaneous moments of love and affection, my heart swells and warms within me as though the very sun is rising in my chest.

Like your sister, you are happiest outside. Many times each day you walk toward one of the doors, break out that pointer finger, motion toward the door and grunt, "Mmm. Mmm. Mmmm." "Outside," I say, "You want to go outside?" And you turn back with fierce determination waiting for me to unlatch the door (we must keep all doors locked these days because you are now capable of releasing yourself into the great outdoors). You will spend hours in our back yard, playing in the fountain, digging in dirt, carrying buckets around, chasing your sister with a squirt bottle, climbing on the chairs, or just chilling in the grass.

Many times a day you disappear, and it is in my seeking that I know you are either: 1) in some serious trouble, such as splashing in a toilet (try as we might to keep such things inaccessible) or sitting in the sink, running the water over your thighs, or; 2) sitting in your rocking chair, rocking away, reading one of your truck/machine/train books. Basically, anytime I find you after some time has passed, I am cleaning up a big mess or sighing in complete contentment. You sure like to keep your Mama guessing.

While your big sister continues to remain the "talker extraordinaire" in our household, you are starting to show more and more language development in your own time. If we wait long enough, you do have something to say, like "Ooo Ooooo" every time you see a train, or "mooo" for the cows in your books. You also sign for doggy when Hanalei comes around and blow on your hot food. You notice planes and birds and are constantly pointing out things, gesturing wildly and grunting to get our attention. It's just a matter of time before you surprise us all by conversing back and forth with your sister.

Much like your sister, you are an adventurous eater and astonished us yesterday with your fondness for brussels sprouts. Erin at Sideboard can make just about anything taste absolutely wonderful! But nothing compared to the sweet whipped cream that you devoured off the chocolate pots de creme. I took a whole series of pictures of your worried face and furrowed brow that appeared each time Daddy scooped a bite of the whipped cream and took it to his own lips rather than your waiting, open mouth.

Most days you are easygoing, fun-loving, gentle, adventurous, curious, hilarious and a joy to be around. You hardly ever fuss, wake up each day with an enormous, joy-filled smile, and constantly make us laugh with your silly little antics. You love to dance, to spin around until you grow dizzy, to follow your sister all around, to do your own thing, and most of all, to be with your family.

We love you sweet boy.



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