Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ready, Set, Go! (Sam's 1st Birthday Party)

Happy 1st Birthday Sam!
Ready, Set, Go!

Today we celebrated our baby boy's first birthday. The theme was race cars, based off a darling Meri Meri invitation I found. From there, I just went crazy with the race cars and checkered flags! Cake: two tiers, two layers each, top tier almond white and the bottom mocha. 24 race car cupcakes. Goldfish, licorice, almonds, fruit snacks, veggie plate, spinach dip, and fresh fruit.

Right before cake we gathered all our family and friends to thank them for the role they play in our life, and the support they are to Samuel. We shared a bit about the meaning of Samuel's name, meaning "God hears," and how we picked it after our scary ordeal during his pregnancy. We then prayed blessings over our son.

After cake we headed outside for the epic bike race. Great fun, and a super idea for anyone planning a party with kids of all ages. Everyone from the Birthday Boy to the big boys (6 years old) loved riding around the cul-de-sac on their bikes, trikes, push toys and electric cars. We spent the remainder of the party outside with the kiddos, watching them enjoy their race.

I handed out ribbons to each of the race participants and let them decorate their ribbons (and bikes) with cool race car stickers. The favor bags included wooden race cars for the boys, buses for the girls, peanut butter and chocolate race cars, car erasers, and car tattoos. Total car awesomeness.

the Spread: snacks, cake and cupcakes

Tutu and the Birthday Boy

Rita and the Birthday Boy blowing bubbles

Daddy, Mama & Sam

Getting suited up for his big moment

Oh, this stuff is pretty good!

The Bike Race starting line

aaaand, they're off!

Taking another lap, just because we can

I think the Birthday Boy had a great day!


Becky said...

Thanks to Mel for taking cake photos!

bonnieb said...

Wonderful party, wonderful parents, delightful boy!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Such a great party! You are so creative & loved the theme and all the details! Thanks for a great party!
P.S. You are welcome for taking the cake pictures....sorry I took so many :)

Becky said...

@Mel: no such thing as too many pictures! :) The hardest thing is deciding which ones are my favorite. He's just so darn cute, I hate to delete any!