Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maddie, Ballerina

Last week was "parent observation" at dance class. We were entertained by all the little ladies, with their spunky attitudes, darling tutus, and even a choreographed dance.

Maddie knew every single word to their recital piece and sang along as they danced in lines. I remarked to my friend Melissa that maybe I should be getting her voice lessons rather than dance, as she knew much more words to the song than she did steps to the dance. :)

But darned if she isn't the cutest little dancer I've seen! She amazed me with her ability to follow directions, dance with her friends, and do some complicated steps.

At this point Maddie finally mastered "tap behind!" She has had some difficulty with this one since the start of class, always tapping in front rather than behind. When she finally got it, she was so tickled (as was I--there's no joy like seeing your child learn something new!)

Overall, it's been a fun couple of months. This was definitely an experiment, being Maddie's first organized activity outside of preschool. She's amazed me with her abilities on and off the dance floor. Miss Ashley remarked to me at the end of class that Maddie should be in "showbiz," referring to all of her faces and the general silliness that is Miss Maddie (especially in front of a wall of mirrors--great for trying out new moves).

At the end of class, they each received a handful of glitter, made wishes, and then blew the "magic dust" away. That Miss Ashley definitely knows what little girls love! Hooray for dance!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

Wait...why isn't Kate in any of them? Oh..that's right. She decided to NOT participate the ONE day parents were allowed to watch & take pictures. *sigh*
On a brighter note, you got some great pictures of Maddie!!! Love the tap behind one :)