Thursday, December 10, 2009

o Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

We got our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, knowing
the relative busyness that lay ahead in December.

As always, Home Depot provides a memorable experience for all.

Maddie's not so sure about the complex tree-choosing method
employed by her parents (ahem, Dada)

But they're both pretty patient and content to follow along

We found it! Hooray!

Mama is just about as excited as anyone

Mr. Undecorator

Enjoying a post-decorating cup of hot cocoa
(she kept going after Ben's cup to steal fingerfuls of whipping cream)

How lovely are the branches of our tree, adorned
by Maddie, demolished by Sam, sniffed by Hanalei,
undecorated as high as little arms can reach.

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