Monday, December 14, 2009

Maddie: 35 Months (almost 3! yikes!)

Dear Madeleine Noelle,

My sweet girl, how can you be nearly 3? I know that you've been a big girl for such a long time, but two can technically still pass for baby. Three is not baby. Boo hoo.

Okay, enough of that! You are my BIG girl, and you are so much fun! You are smart and kind and helpful and full of energy. Your favorite activities these days involve dress-up, projects (or art), dance, playing outside, and doing anything besides staying at home. One of your catch phrases is "What are we gonna DO today Mama? Where are we gonna GO?" I've learned by now that I better have an answer because you do not like a day without plans.

You love to run in when your brother wakes up from a nap, climb onto the side of his crib, and let him know how happy you are to see him. You are always so helpful with Sam, helping feed him, getting diapers and wipes, giving him toys, stopping him from getting into trouble, inviting him into your play. I get such joy from watching you be a big sister, because you are the best!

We've definitely entered the "Why?" stage. I try to be as patient as possible and remind myself that you are curious and interested in knowing anything and everything. But at times the "whys" are truly endless. My fail safe has always been "because God made it that way!" Last week we were talking about some little decoration from Target and I said, "That's just the way Target made it," and you retorted, "No Mama, GOOOOAWWWD made it!"

You continue to entertain us with an arsenal of funny faces, clever ideas, amusing quips and crazy antics. One story I've told multiple times in the past week is your idea of creating a "boogie sculpture," a masterpiece of saved boogies. I don't know where you got the notion that we should save such things but you were quite proud of yourself and your idea to use them as decorations.

Today we went to school for your Christmas party. We watched with pride as you helped tell the Christmas story, sat in circle time, sang songs, played instruments and worked with your friends. With all those parents in the room, some kids were more shy than normal, clinging to their parents' legs and shedding tears. You were in your element, the room was your stage, and it was amusing to hear your running commentary ("He's wearing a sweater vest!" "Mrs. Fairchild, you have Christmas earrings!") Always the fancy girl, you are quick to notice cute clothes and accessories.

You are my sweet, sweet girl. I am totally and completely in love with you, with who you are and who God is creating you to be. Thank you for teaching me how to throw myself into something, to love and act and laugh and scream without abandon. You are such a delight, my daughter.



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mel @ the larson lingo said...

Seriously, how can our "babies" be turning 3!?!?
I am DYING of laughter over the boogie sculpture. Ummm..ewww? And the Target comment? So cute!
Happy 35 months, Miss Maddie!