Thursday, August 06, 2009

5 Months: Samuel

Hey Bubba,

With each passing month, I love you more and more, but I also grieve the baby we are leaving behind. It's an incredible journey, this first year, and I just wish it didn't go by so fast! You are such an amazing little guy. You are at a stage where you just give and give and give. Each day you have so much love to share and I can't get enough. You are the happiest, sweetest, most easygoing little fella and you sure make our lives enjoyable just being you.

As I searched through the pictures for this update, it was hard to find many in which you aren't all smiles. Every time I grab the camera you just start grinning away, all gums and cheeks, cooing and singing. You delight in your Mama (or sister, or Daddy, or anyone, really) just being down on your level, talking to you, listening to all you have to say.

Another change this month is your hands. Those two chubby little hands are all over the place, reaching, grabbing, finding things to explore and place in your mouth. When you nurse your hands are constantly moving, touching my face, caressing my hand, holding my fingers. You will even grab your toes and do little stretches all while getting your tummy filled up. It delights me to no end to see you enjoying your world through such careful and tender exploration.

You look up to your big sister, Maddie, and adore her. She simply walks into a room and you laugh, smile or sing in her direction. If she happens to get down in your face to offer a kiss, a sweet remark, or a tight embrace, you go crazy with joy. When she asks to hold you, you will sit for minutes at a time, slumped to one side, squeezed within an inch of breathing, all with that characteristic Samuel smile.

When your Daddy arrives home at the end of a long day, you never fail to deliver, coming through with the most adorable grin and coo in his direction. You could call for me at all hours of the night and it wouldn't matter, because once I peer into those big brown eyes I am sucked in. I delight in caring for you, carrying you around, and cleaning up after you. You are a constant source of joy for this family.

You have gone through so many changes this month. You can roll both ways and shimmy your way around on the carpet and in your crib. You love to arch your back, stand up on our laps and are even attempting to sit on your own. Nearly all your baby hair has been lost, making way for the delightful peach fuzz that is your baby buzz (and so, so soft for the nuzzling!) You love to be outside, on a blanket, rolling around with just a few toys and in earshot of Mama and Maddie.

Thank you for enriching our lives and filling us with giddy joy, for laughing at our lame jokes and putting up with the crazy voices all in order to get you giggling.



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mel said...

Happy 5 months sweet, smiley, Samuel! Cute pics, I really love that 2nd picture of him!