Monday, April 06, 2009

one month

Little Buddy, 

How can it be that you are already one month old? I feel as though time has flown by, even though the wee hours seem to creep by. You just arrived, but you have completely taken over my heart. Just this week you smiled at me for the first time, an intentional smile, eyes locked with mine, as the grin started with raised eyebrows and worked its way from the left corner of your mouth to the right, lighting up your whole face. When the moment was over I realized I had been holding my breath in sheer delight.

Speaking of delight, your big sister is totally enamored with you. She loves you with great big loves, and any time your face is in range she covers it with kisses. As a matter of fact, I've noticed your little head smelling more and more like saliva as none of us can stop kissing you! Maddie is always looking for ways to make you happy, talking to you in a sweet voice as your eyes scan the room for her face. Next to Mama, I think you are most interested in that sing-songy voice that is always going and never far away.

You continue to have a sweet and mellow disposition, crying only when hungry or uncomfortable. Like your sister was as a newborn, you too are incredibly noisy. Every night since you've been born, you've spent the wee hours grunting, groaning, and "singing," keeping a tired Mama entertained but awake. It's just your way, to be a noisy little guy, and even when we moved you far down the hall to your own bed, I could hear you loud and clear. At least this way I don't ever worry that you've stopped breathing. And before I know it, the grunting will be gone and I'll miss it, crazy as that is.

Our lives have been enriched by your presence, a constant reminder of the miraculous power of God, who listens to the prayers of his people. There was a time when we worried about you, when a routine ultrasound showed some concerning findings. But our God is good, so good to not only give us peace and discernment in the moment, but to completely remove all problems and restore you to perfect health. And this day each breath you take, each movement you make--they are all miracles. As the worship song says, "we are breathing the breath that you gave us to breathe, to worship you." With each little inhale and exhale we declare the God of creation who reached down to bless us with you, Samuel Benjamin.

We love you,

Mama, Daddy & big sister Maddie


mel said...

happy 1 month precious Samuel! you are so loved!

bonnieb said...

Crying tears of joy for not only our precious grandchildren but for our precious daughter-in-law. You are a remarkable person Becky and a blessing beyond measure to us.