Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Pumpking carving is serious business, as Maddie dons her headband in preparation of the festivities:

Whatcha doing, Dada?

Helping pull out the pumpkin seeds

Peering into the jack-o-lantern in her fairy princess garb:

Fairy princess closeup:

With her pirate buddy Wyatt (Ahoy, Matey!) before trick-or-treating:

We needed a wagon to haul home the candy stash! (and Nicole the kitty cat)

Our first trick-or-treating experience was a delightful one! Maddie was a trooper, running from house to house, up the steps, knocking or ringing the doorbell, shouting out "Trick or Treat!" and then "thank you!" after receiving her candy. The sweet girl walked nearly the whole way, multiple blocks, amazing us with her perseverance in pursuit of the sweet nectar of Halloween.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!

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