Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a few anecdotes

Two weeks ago I was taking pictures of Maddie when she started to fall and I reached out to grab her, dropping the camera to the ground with the lens out and open. It's been downhill for the little point-and-shoot ever since, thus the lack of pictures for a while. Sorry!

But I will share some cute Maddie stories. First, those of you who spend any time with Maddie know she is way into pirates. She loves to read pirate books, dress up in her pirate hat, and make pirate sounds ("Arrgh!" and "Ahoy, Matey!") Tutu and Boppa took Maddie overnight this weekend and she returned with a pirate ship that plays music and makes fun sounds and carries two cute pirates, a monkey, and a parrot. She loves it and plays with it constantly! But she is very much a girl, as her Daddy and I were reminded last night, as she was "changing the pirate's diaper" and having the pirates kiss each other. So cute!

Maddie also loves to "help Mama" in the kitchen, cracking eggs, stirring mixes, adding ingredients to the bowl, etc. This week we made cupcakes just for fun and Maddie got to lick the KitchenAid beater for the very first time. It is a large, triangular-shaped blade with lots of nooks and crannies to hold chocolate frosting. By the time I took it away, her entire face was covered in frosting, as were her hair, ears, neck, hands and t-shirt! It was a fun treat for both of us. (Oh, and Daddy didn't mind the cupcakes, either).

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The Ulrickson Fam said...

Has Maddie seen Dora's pirate adventure? Definitely a favorite in our house. It's a bit long, 40 minutes, so more like a little movie. Actually a musical, with some rocking tunes. One of Heidi's favs.