Friday, October 17, 2008

what to do with a toddler

Go on a nature walk

Dress up (a Halloween preview)

Read (princess attire not required)

Paint! The budding artist shows off her masterpiece

Visit the pumpkin patch

Happy to be me!!


mel said...

looks like you guys had a fun day! love the pumpkin patch pictures!

The Ulrickson Fam said...

love it all! she just looks like so much fun. wish we were closer, as i think she and heidi would enjoy getting into all sorts of mischief together!! hope you are getting more rest and that the little man isn't draining you too much. hang in there!

bonnieb said...

Wasn't our baby girl a lady bug last year? How do you go from a lady bug to a full on princess so quickly? She is a beautiful princess. How long are those legs? love, tutu