Sunday, October 12, 2008

21 Months!

Dear Maddie Girl,

Hard to believe another month has gone by! You are now twenty-one months old, and living life to the fullest! It is a joy to see you enjoying each day, creating new adventures and games and songs in order to keep things exciting.

You love to sing! It makes your Mama so happy to hear you singing each day, sometimes songs you've learned from us, other times your very own creations! On the way home the other night, your Dada and I listened, beaming with pride, as you sang your own version of "Jesus loves me," a song we sing to you each night at bedtime. You were able to recall many of the words from each line, and it warmed our hearts to hear your little voice praising God.

You continue to grow more mature and independent each day, climbing up in your chair at meal times, zipping up your jammies, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and helping feed the dog. But it's nice to know you still love to cuddle. You will run up to your Dada or I, arms raised, asking "Hold you!" You are kind and gentle to your babies and animals, giving hugs and kisses all day. And you love, LOVE, babies.  A few of our friends had babies this last month, and they are a source of joy and delight for you. You use the highest, sweetest, squeakiest voice as you shower them with love and affection. Luckily, most of our friends are really easygoing about their babies and allow you to kiss, hug, and give loving touches. Often, long after we've seen these friends, you will talk about "baby Barrett," "baby Claire," or even a baby you haven't met but already love, "Kayla Rose...friend." 

We still spend many hours each week coloring, but you also love to help in the kitchen and around the house, cleaning with wipes, helping dust the furniture, and even washing the floor. I keep hoping someone will invent a toddler vacuum that actually picks up dirt. THEN we will have housekeeping success! This morning I spent a few hours cleaning and you went back and forth between your toys and the cleaning supplies, working alongside me, smiling, and making the work much more enjoyable.

But having you around definitely makes everything more fun. The amount of joy and love and laughter you have brought into our house is what makes me get up each morning. I hear you singing in your crib before the sunrise, softly at first, then gradually getting stronger and stronger until it evolves into, "Mammmmma....MMMMMamaaaa....Mama! Mammmma!" That's my cue to roll out of bed. Often I'll bring you back into our bed to snuggle, and this morning you showered us with kisses and little pats, repeating our names with affection.

There are many trials of toddlerhood, but as I write this update I realize none of them come to mind. I cannot think of anything but how greatly your Dada and I love and appreciate the little person you are. You make us so excited for this next chapter of life, welcoming a new person into our family. I know that it will be really hard and caring for two small creatures will bring a new set of challenges. But at the end of each day, I will thank our Heavenly Father for giving me the greatest of gifts in allowing me to be your Mama.

I love you, baby beans!


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