Saturday, February 23, 2008

what's new

These days Maddie is saying LOTS of words. Some of our favorites from this week:
Choo! Choo! (when she reads her Thomas book from Grammy and Papa)
poo poo (self-explanatory)
moon (pointing to the sky)
Sshh! (repeated after Mama in the car, or when imitating Night-Night)

New activities:
-Wanting to climb up and down (and up and down and up and down) into a chair or lap, and onto the couch
-Pushing herself around on the busy bee
-High-pitched whine while following Mama everywhere, pointing at verboten objects such as the coffee cup, knives, ink pens, candles, etc., wanting to hold them all, RIGHT NOW
-Putting her feet on the counter while eating

-Plopping down with gusto on the dog's back, side, rear, head, appendages

-Giving big hugs to everyone: family, friends, small people we meet in public, church members' legs (someone I've never met before mentioned last Sunday after getting a snuggle, "how very ecumenical of her!" :)
-Kissing people she loves (yesterday when she saw her baby friend Nicole, instantly bent down to kiss her twice on the forehead)
-Finding and opening plastic Easter eggs (good practice!)
-Walking around with blankets, clothes, etc. over her head, bumping into things

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