Friday, February 22, 2008

and all is right with the world

Maddie must have learned to log onto the computer, find my blog, and read all in one night. Either that or she developed a severe case of the guilties after her crazy busy day yesterday, because she slept until 7:18 this morning! After waking up with a squeal and a smile for her Daddy, she crawled into my arms in bed with a big, vibrant "Mama!" and then nursed and fell back asleep until 8:13. 8:13!

Last night after posting I had a case of the guilties myself. I try to paint a fair picture of parenting on my blog, both to celebrate and share reality. Truth is, Maddie's such an easy baby and I hardly find things to complain about. After a particularly tiring day, I felt it important to record for future remembrances--toddlerhood comes with all sorts of new challenges for my deep wells of patience and energy.

But today she is sweet as sugar, full of kisses and snuggles, and the fact that I got out of bed at 8:13 for one day in the past 14 months? Well, that is enough to keep me content for months to come.

Who, me?

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bonnieb said...

You've wondered if Maddie looks like me. I don't see it normally, but this picture reminds me of one I have seen of myself as a toddler. So maybe a little. But mostly she looks like Maddie because she is the perfect combo of you and Becky and her personality is so overwhelmingly her own that no resemblance to another could match her.

Love, mom