Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 Months/Happy Easter

Maddie turns 3 months this week. I can hardly believe how the time is flying by. Each day I grow more in love with this little person whose smiles, screams and sweetness regularly amaze me. This month Maddie started noticing her hands, which she moves toward her face/mouth with intensity and amazement. She also has started reaching for things, though quickly loses track of said grabbed items because she drops her hands down to her sides, out of sight. Ooohhh, that's my hand, and there's that rattle I was looking for!

Her dad and I had the divine pleasure of experiencing yet another growth spurt, starting around 11 1/2 weeks and lasting 4 or so days. Essentially 4 days of nonstop nursing accompanied by a high-pitched scream with the loudness and tenacity of a toddler. Leaving us to wonder, Where has our sweet, innocent little baby gone and what is with the banshee screaming?

Well, the spurt is now behind us but the scream remains. Apparently, screaming is a very effective way to get your needs met. Nonetheless, now that we know she's not in pain, but simply demanding something to change, it is kind of endearing, in a A-scream-only a-mother-could-love type of way.

Maddie also met her extended maternal family for the first time this month, visiting Oregon a couple of weeks ago. She is a well-loved girl with many aunts, uncles, cousins, grammies, papas, mimis and the like standing in line to hold her. It is so wonderful to have families that love and enjoy our baby as much as we do. And they assure us she is as cute as we think she is.

Another first this month was Nudey Time. Madeleine loves to be naked in the bath and so we decided to lay down some cloth diapers and give her some fresh air. As you can well imagine, it was a big hit and will become a regular activity here in the Joyce household.

Mama just can't get enough of styling Maddie's hair these days, as it continues to grow and remain delightfully wavy. She's got her dad's out-of-control bedhead in the morning and after bath it is particularly fun to swirl and twirl.

Happy Easter everyone!

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