Sunday, March 18, 2007

2 Months

This past week Maddie celebrated 2 months of life. And what a difference a month makes! Her first month of life was, well, mostly difficult but dotted with moments of pure joy. The second month? Pure joy dotted with only the slightest bit of difficulty. Maddie is a love. She hardly cries, except when hungry, tired, or poopy. She coos and smiles almost constantly because her father or I cannot stop talking in sing-song voice and making crazy sounds just to see those glorious wide eyes turn to smiling eyes. She is sleeping like a pro, 8 hours in a row last night! Nursing is fabulous, she gets the job done in 25 or 30 minutes and nothing makes her happy like the boobie. It is so wonderful to know we always have an ace in the hole, should something upset her.

Maddie's first shots were Friday. She made it through the first two with not even a peep. The third caused her to whine and fuss for just a few seconds, and before we picked her up off the doctor's table, she actually gave her daddy a big, wide smile. She was much braver than I. Next time maybe I won't be such a chicken and hide behind her dad (I did watch, I just couldn't be the one to hold her down on the table.

She now weighs 11 pounds, 5 ounces and is 23 3/4 inches long (85th and 97th percentiles, respectively). Our little peanut is more in the realm of a brazil nut, relatively speaking. She is the size of an average 4 month old, according to our wonderful pediatrician. I'm not sure if all doctors are like Dr. T, but I leave his office feeling like a million bucks. My baby is "beautiful," she is sleeping "like a pro," "ahead of the game," and "cute." Not that I need a doctor to confirm all these things which I know for myself, but boy does he do a wonder for the mommy esteem.

I love being a stay at home mom. It is so wonderful to wake up with this little angel of a baby, spend all day with her, and put her down at night. I love seeing my wonderful hubby as a dad. He is proud, absolutely smitten, and just as crazy as I expected. We are officially twitterpated.

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