Monday, June 09, 2014

Sam: 63 Months

For monthly updates I'm going to try an amended (shorter) version each month, with lists of things that have stood out about each of the kids. Likes, dislikes, funny stories, repeating themes, etc.


You march to the beat of your own drum, you are:
your very own person

Your body tells a million stories a day. You love to:
kiss and hug
jump into Daddy's arms from the steps with a big hug each day before work
tell stories with exaggeration and expressive faces
have your back scratched

 You notice an insane amount of detail details about:
friends and their specific needs
moving vehicles and moving parts
disturbances in the force :)

You spend your days:
building (usually with legos)
making elaborate drawings of maps and directions and people and tanks and cityscapes
watching shows before anyone else wakes up
dismantling my couch cushions
making forts
playing with/tormenting Maddie
playing with/tormenting/roughing up Evan

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