Sunday, March 16, 2014

Evan Michael is ONE!!!!!

Dear Sweet Evan Michael,

Today we celebrated your first birthday, though technically you turned one last night at 7:22 pm while you slept peacefully in your crib. When planning the party, I couldn't stop thinking about a sunshine theme. You are blond, fair, and a total joy and are our sunshine! And to think you've only brightened up our lives for one year; it seems like so much longer!

One year ago, I helped lift you out of my womb and onto my chest, where your sweet, inquisitive face was peaceful, welcoming, and so kissable.

At one month, your hair was full and dark and stood up on end when freshly washed. You were soft, round, and with a lower lip that tucked right in.

At two months you were spindly, a long baby boy with a receding hairline and wide, bright eyes. You smiled, and it lit up our hearts.

Months three and four your cheeks filled out, your eyes were lightening to blue, your hair lightening to blonde, and you were keeping me up all night. 

Five months brought a tiny bit more rest, as well as raspberries, rolling and rolls (weight gain for the win!)

Six months and I could hardly believe half a year was past. You were eating, trying to crawl, screaming, sitting, and exploring the world around you.

Our sweet monkey, at 7 months you were crawling, teething, weaning, babbling. It was all so much!

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8 months and you were (mostly) sleeping at night, filling our days with delight, and a cruising, determined little dude.

By 9 months I finally finished decorating your nursery. You celebrated by bouncing on the crib and putting your hands in your mouth. I loved putting you to sleep at night, so easy and peaceful as you nursed your baba and played with the tassels on your blankie.

Month 10 and you were an accomplished walker. You started shortly after turning nine months and in no time you were pushing up to a stand in the middle of the floor and using your two legs as your major form of travel. You grew chubs and were delightfully kissable.

11 months brought more walking, more talking, and more joy. You filled our lives with laughter. You spent the days being inquisitive, loud, playful, quick, cuddly, and full of energy.

And now you are one. Determined. Soft. Smart. Funny. Busy. Crazy. Full of life. Full of joy.

You walk, talk, sign, "sing," make messes, empty the dishwasher and wastebaskets and buckets of toys. You wave bye-bye and point. Mostly you make messes.

Today's party was so, so fun. I worked all week to pull it together, in all its yellow and gray glory. Of course, you noticed none of the details but it was a true first birthday. All of our friends and church family were there. Even Auntie Jennie got to come! We are so blessed that you are loved by so many.

You enjoyed poking and prodding your smash cake (aka lemon muffin with lemon buttercream in the shape of a sun).

My favorite part of the party was watching all the kids gather around for the big event. You had no idea what to do, and they were all full of encouragement and suggestions on where to start. When you didn't eat, they offered you bites. They were so delighted when you finally started eating!

And, because the party was right smack dab in the middle of your nap time, once you destroyed the muffin cake, you screamed to get out.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet boy. You are such a dream baby. Our good news, our gift from God, our surprise third child who totally and perfectly completes our family. We love you, Evan Michael! Welcome to ONE!



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Jessica Johnson said...

I can't believe he is one. He was just in your belly. Can't deal. Time goes too, too fast. He is precious and perfect and you are one blessed mama. Miss you!