Monday, September 16, 2013

Maddie: 80 Months

Dear Maddie,

Happy month-o-versary! It's so fun each 14th to gather my thoughts on the past month, record the new things you're doing, and laugh about all the conversations that have transpired. You are an engaging conversationalist, full of wonder and questions and awe. 

You are an AMAZING big sister and the most patient, loving, fun, enthusiastic playmate and helper. Every morning you run looking for your baby brother to give kisses, snuggle him close, give zurbits or "walk" him around the house changing "one, two, one, two, one two!" Evan absolutely adores you and no one can light up his face and body like the sight of your smile.

Last week you accompanied Sam into preschool, eager to see his new classroom and taking on the role of "student" as he showed you around, "teaching" you along the way. It was a sweet role reversal and I could tell just how much it meant to him that you would take the time to see all his favorite spots.

You're a late bird this year, which means we get a lovely little date two mornings a week. Today you decided on a HUGE maple bar at the donut shop. Your pink smile perfectly matched your sweatshirt as I snapped the photo and tucked the memory away in my mind. Even though it means more driving around in the morning, it's a treat to get this precious 1:1 time with you and I know even just twenty minutes together is good for your heart, too.

It's hard to believe you're a first grader, but at the same time you are so responsible and poised that you often seem older. You have remarkable emotional sensitivity and relational capacity.

On your first day of school, you triumphantly jumped in the car and deemed it, "the best day EVER!"

Of course, you are six. So there's bound to be some times where you act your age. Like throwing colossal tantrums about small things. And six year-old tantrums just aren't pretty.

One day you shared a funny story from school in which you shushed someone in line as your class was walking through the quiet zone. After you asked your classmate to stop talking, you laughed in spite of yourself because you had, in fact, been talking in the quiet zone. We giggled and giggled about that one.

In Hawaii it was fun to see you confident and carefree, excited to try new things without last Summer's trepidation. You rode on the boogie board, snorkeled in deep water, dove under big waves, and had a great time doing it all. By the end of vacation you were catching small rides on the boogie board by yourself and offering to teach Sam to do the same.

Right now you are still saying that you want to be a preacher/Mama when you grow up. But I can just as easily see you as a first grade teacher, adventure guide, occupational therapist, or lawyer. The world is your oyster, Maddie, just waiting for you to discover all there is to be seen. Thanks for letting me tag along on this amazing ride.



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