Wednesday, March 06, 2013


After enduring eight long, hard months of pregnancy, I have to report that the past month has been surprisingly lovely. I've felt well...much like myself, actually. My swelling belly has filled me with joy and expectation. Even in the aches and pains of these final weeks, I've been so in awe of the life growing inside. And this is a total and complete gift from a God who loves me.

A pregnancy not planned in a time that my body just could barely take care of itself.

A baby not expected in a season of incredible hardship.

A life ordained by his Creator, destined for this life before I even knew he existed.

A baby, a boy, another arrow in his father's quiver, a twinkle in the eye of his Heavenly Father.

You know that verse that church folks are always throwing around??

"He works all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose..."

This life inside me, this almost-here, I-can-just-feel-him-in-my-arms boy, is living proof of this verse. What was hard and difficult and dangerous for my health has blossomed and grown into a healthy, vibrant, life inside me. And I can't wait to meet our sweet little Evan. He should be here soon, and so I give you a photo montage of our nine months together. Presenting, The Belly:


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