Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines Day Recap

Our Valentines Day 2012 was a hit! We started off Monday morning with my littlest valentine off to a Purple Room party, handmade cards in hand (not because I'm some awesome mom, but because at 9:30pm the previous night I realized I didn't have 1) any valentines, or 2) the snack I was supposed to bring to the party the next day).

Kelly was volunteering in Nicole's party that day and when she peeked in at Sam she wanted to run in, scoop him up, and cover him with kisses because he was just being so darn cute in class. Good to know I'm not alone in my Sam-crush.

I set up a little photo booth with my new props (door prize from the photography class! Woo-hoo!) for the kiddos. They were somewhat willing subjects. I think I got four sort of clear shots. :) Anyhoo, the props made them excited for about 4 minutes:

Valentines Day morning started with these cute little personalized mailboxes (Target dollar bin find! Yay!), heart pancakes with homemade berry syrup, and grapefruit halves.

They played with these mailboxes all day. Such a hit!

Maddie's mailbox (too much red and pink to get a good color balance. oh well):

The last-minute valentines I made for the teachers:

Good ol' Papyrus blank notecards with a heart glued on. :) Signed by my valentina:

Who also greatly enjoyed the little mailbox:

Not too bad for hand-poured. :)

Hearts for all my sweethearts!

The breakfast scene:

That afternoon we met our friend and neighbor Danielle and Asher for a playdate at the park.


Valentines evening, housemate John watched the kiddos and Ben and I went out to dinner at Esin. Oh my. SO DELICIOUS! Our starter was a hearty bowl of mussels in broth with ouzo and a plate of gremolata-topped frites. You know how I love french fries! For our entree, we split a braised pork shoulder over squash & bacon hash and a pan-seared salmon fillet with oyster mushrooms, shaved broccolini, yukon gold potatoes and leeks in a savory mushroom broth. Dessert was a passion fruit tart with meringue and blood orange syrup. One of the best meals I've had in a long time.

Happy Valentines Day to all my beloved readers!

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