Friday, April 09, 2010

prelude to pipe dreams

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm Spring day, with the kind of ethereal calmness that brides-to-be dream about.

The bride was beautiful in an ivory and blue empire waist dress, curly hair pulled up into a flouncy and playful updo.

The groom was eager with anticipation, the father of the bride beaming with pride.

And three mothers looked on, dreaming, beaming and laughing with joy.

The father walks his blushing bride down the aisle

The darling couple waits as "the guy with the microphone" says a few words

no ceremony is complete without a preacher man

He took her hands in his, smiling at the gathered crowd

She was transfixed, her eyes on the tall, handsome man about to become her wedded husband...

and then that five year-old boy planted a three-second kiss on those lips of hers!

Then the three mothers laughed. Hysterically.

If only we could arrange the marriages now. Tyler to Maddie. Wyatt to Nicole.

But, alas, pipe dreams.

(but just in case, I'll hold onto these pictures for the next couple decades)


mel @ the larson lingo said...

cutest pictures ever. Love it! You forgot about matching up Sam with Kayla! (Or, I will save Claire for Sam...)

kmcory said...

That is adorable! Your writing was so sweet, suspenseful, and poetic. I bet the moms will never forget this little ceremony.