Friday, January 08, 2010

Ten Months

Dear Bubba,

This was one of those months wherein you changed a lot; there are so many things you can do today that you couldn't last month! You are changing into a busy little boy with such an engaging personality, and there is nothing we love to do more than to just sit and watch you as you go through your day, exploring your little world.

One of the most fun things about the past month has been seeing your personality really come alive. There have been a few hilarious developments, one of which is whistling. While you go about your busy ways, your mouth works its way into a perfect little "O" and when you inhale, a whistle comes out! It is hilarious! And you do it all the time! You also love to blow raspberries, but you do it only with your bottom lip. You suck in your top lip, push out your bottom one into a pout, and blow. You especially love to employ this trick when we are all seated at the table, looking from person to person as if saying, "Aren't I hilarious?"

About a month ago you also started dancing. When the music starts playing, whether from Maddie's "boom box" or the computer, or even Mama's amateur beatboxing, you love to bend and straighten your legs in short, sudden little movements. Your face lights up and you will get your head and shoulders into the groove, too. Then there are your funny faces, such as your "fake smile," where you crinkle up your eyes, lift your cheeks, all for comedic effect. Nothing makes you excited like an audience.

We spent a week at Grammy and Papa's house for Christmas, and I would venture to say that you spent 95% of your time cruising around their circular coffee table. You went from just taking a few steps here and there to cruising the furniture non-stop. You hardly wanted to crawl! Now you will push things all around the house and you love to walk holding onto our hands. At this rate, I would say you're right on target to start walking at ten and a half months, just like your sister. Boy, is my world about to change!

Despite your busy, crazy, moving-all-the-time tendencies, you still manage to be the snuggliest of boys. Some of my favorite moments are those last few minutes before putting you down to bed in the evenings. As your eyelids grow heavy, I love to plant kisses on your sweet, soft cheeks. Each time I kiss, your face widens into a little smile, and with your eyes closed you will lift your hand to my lips, looking for a kiss on the palm of your chubby little hand.

You bring such joy to our lives. We love watching you as you grow and change and become your own little person, funny and engaging and uniquely you. Your sister, Daddy and I just couldn't be any more in love.



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