Wednesday, November 04, 2009

If you ask Mama for a glass of milk...

She'll open the fridge to discover that water has spilled all over the top shelf.

When she takes out all the items to wipe up the shelf, she'll notice that there are no more paper towels.

On the way out to the garage to get more paper towels she'll spot the laundry room door ajar and remember to change out the laundry.

In the wash machine are two large beach towels, which she'll take outside to set in the sun to dry. Her daughter will follow her outside, claiming it's "picnic time!"

When going to start the next load of laundry, it will become clear that the detergent has just run out.

Upon discovering the lack of detergent, she'll remember that her original plan was to get paper towels outside. Two birds with one stone, she exclaims, and heads to the garage for paper towels and detergent.

When she enters the house with said items, a young girl yells "Help! I'm in trouble" from the backyard and Mama runs out to see the problem.

Arriving outside, she frees said girl from large umbrella and heads back inside.

Mama sees laundry room ajar and heads back out to picnic table to retrieve abandoned detergent and towels.

She tops off the wash machine with some detergent, unwraps the new roll of paper towels, and heads to the kitchen, where she dries up the top shelf of the fridge and replaces the 1 %, 2% and whole milks, half and half, orange juice, grape juice, apple cider, and pomegranate nectar.

Girl calls from backyard, "Where's my milk?" and Mama sighs, opens fridge, and pours a sippy full of 2% milk.


mel said...

love it! and, so true. clever writing!!! (we love the give a pig a pancake & give a mouse a cookie books too!)

Susan said...

OK, this is so true! I loved reading it - I feel the same way all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD, but I think it is just kids and life making us crazy!