Saturday, October 17, 2009


She watches them across the plaza from behind her lens.

They sit side-by-side and turned in, knees touching, shoulders hunched over a cup of gelato. Her chocolatey lips spread into a broad smile as she gazes up at her Daddy. He returns the smile with an affectionate gaze and knowing nod. She is her Daddy's heart.

The baby boy sits astride his Daddy's knee, his eyes wide but glassy; he's tired. The fountain spouts water again and again and the boy is mesmerized. The Daddy gives the boy a kiss on the top of his mowhawked head. He is the apple of his Daddy's eye.

Together they sit, not for long, but enough to cement in the watcher's eye a sense of love, a feeling of wonder, and heartsickness at the babies becoming children before her eyes. These three, they are her world.


bonnieb said...

She is her Daddy's and her Mommy's and her brother's heart. She is the heart of her family and her friends and her expanding world. It is amazing how she captures hearts.

mel said...

this made me cry. beautiful!