Thursday, February 12, 2009

my funny valentine

Today's special project was writing and sending valentines and making valentines cookies for our friends. Maddie was very excited about doing the "decorating" and spent a long time lovingly adding sprinkles to each cookie. She lasted much longer than I had anticipated!

Maddie enjoys her decorated cookie

adding sprinkles to her cookie (the finished product had approximately 1/4 inch
of pink, red and white dots covering the surface of the buttercream)

Posing w/Mama but unable to take her eyes off the buttercream-laden spatula


Other highlights from our recent weeks with a two year-old:
-"We don't put things in our nose." That about sums it up. She's found her orifices and is interested in finding things that "fit," including egg yolk this morning.
-Singing: Maddie knows a number of songs and will sing to herself while busying about. Just this morning she was singing the ABC song. She is remarkably clear and accurate, and so far the only missing letter is "K." I think she gets too excited about L-M-N-O-P.
-Nighttime: Sleeping in the big girl bed is going well, other than the occasional mid-night waking. After a couple of books and a song, Maddie will let us know when we can leave with a "Bye-bye. You go sleep in the Dada bed now. I love you so much." (that would be the sound of my heart melting)
-On being a big sister: Our double stroller arrived this week and Maddie sat down in one of the seats and then pointed to the other, "Samuel can sit there." We've also been reading books about waiting for our new baby and today she announced she was "off to the hospital to see my new baby." 
-Mama's milk: Also part of reading aforementioned book is talking about the baby nursing, not yet ready for the "big girl" food and drinks that Maddie enjoys so much. One night after waking up around midnight, she announced she needed to drink "Mama's milk." She quickly went back to sleep but it left me curious. I was telling Ben the story the next morning and Maddie proceeded to lift up my shirt and started licking my belly button, remarking "Yum. Mama's milk is good." Hilarious.
-On missing Grammy & Papa: Maddie will announce a number of times a week she is getting on a plane to "go and see Grammy & Papa in Oregon." At Babies 'R' Us this week, I let her play on the Tigger boat ride in the front of the store (haven't seen a quarter-operated ride in a while). She told me she was going to take the boat into the water and up to Oregon. This time she was going to see Grammy and Uncle Joe.

We've been having a lot of fun, but toddlerhood has definitely been a lot of work as well. We are dealing with whining, demanding snacks/movies/attention, not wanting to share ("Mine!"), refusing affection ("No Mama, no kisses!"), and other startling behaviors that Baby Center and other parents remind me are perfectly normal and expected given this stage of development. Despite these Jekyll-Hyde extremes, we find we are still getting to enjoy her curiosity, sense of adventure, hilarious sense of humor, ample affection, and developing imagination.

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