Tuesday, September 02, 2008

night-night everybody

One of our bedtime routines is saying night-night to the people we love. The first time I remember doing this with Maddie was back in June when we were on the houseboat trip. As Maddie had some trouble going to sleep, I would sing a little song called "everyone is going night-night." I'd run through a list of her beloved family and friends (some stuffed), assuring her that everyone would be going to bed soon, she wasn't missing out.

For some reason tonight she was having a really hard time settling down so I held her in the rocking chair for a bit.  She soon broke out in a spontaneous round of night-nights to her loved ones, including: Mama, Dada, clock, Mickey, puzzles, books, princess, Jesus, Grammy, Papa, Uncle Joe, Tutu, Boppa, Jennie, Susan, Wyatt, & Tyler (not an all-inclusive list). She fell asleep shortly after, drooling on my shoulder.

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