Monday, June 23, 2008

just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

A tale of a houseboat trip!

There were many who thought us crazy to take a seventeen month toddler on a week-long houseboat trip with 200 highschoolers. And they had their reasons. But after the fact, all we can say is that this Mama and Dada are more in love with their baby girl than ever before! Maddie astounded us with her easygoing and constantly happy personality, making the most of every new adventure on and off the water, creating joy for musicians and ski boat drivers alike, and rolling with the punches of a no-schedule vacation.

She made quick friends with everyone on the trip, but especially with our houseboat staff person Tara, "Uncle" Joe and Dave the surfer/musician. Maddie would climb right up into the laps of her new friends and share a snack, drink out of their nalgene, or plant a big kiss on their lips.

Other highlights: 5 a.m. sunrise hikes to avoid waking up our houseboat roommates, eating more snacks and drinking more water than ever thought possible, tubing behind the ski boat ("More! More!" the baby cried), watching Dave and Dada on the air chair and exclaiming "Oh no!" with every spill, worshipping with 200 high schoolers, napping in the Ergo pack on Mama or Dada, swimming in the big "pool," and "washing" all over with handfuls of Lake Shasta mud.

Enjoy the snapshots from our fun trip...

on the docks with Dada

driving the houseboat

one of many lake swims

peek-a-boo in the bread cupboard

the best lil' roadie with musician and new buddy Dave

passed out on a houseboat bunk

with my new friends Tara and Nolan (making me an Ariel balloon)

enjoying eating and wearing my bowl of pasta

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