Tuesday, May 20, 2008

vacation tales

Sunday afternoon we met my parents, aka Grammy & Papa, at the Portland airport. As we waited at the bottom of the escalator, I pointed them out to an excited Maddie. Her legs started kicking back and forth as a smile of recognition started at her eyes, working its way to her spread mouth. She had many hugs and kisses to share, reaching out for her grandparents with loving pats and snuggles. Papa started right in with his whisker kisses, much to Maddie's delight.

Maddie's language is growing in leaps and bounds these days. Just yesterday, she sat with her Grammy on the floor of a first grade classroom, repeating colors as she stacked wooden blocks. This morning, she called out for the "kitty kitty kitty" and when she didn't come, started calling the cat by name: "Emma? Emma?"

Of course, the highlight was last night as she patted her beloved Grammy on the shoulder, snuggling and kissing her again and again, saying Grammy in only a way Maddie could, with adoration and excitement and pride.

First thing yesterday morning we went to visit the "moo moos," which Maddie had been asking for since getting on the airplane, after learning we were going to visit Papa/Grammy. (She said again and again, over the drone of the airplane motor, "Papa? Moo moo? Papa! Moo Moo!" and of course, "Snow!") It was a warm 81 degrees yesterday, perfect Oregon Springtime weather, but we were able to deliver on the bovine inquiry. Maddie thourougly enjoyed the cows, as well as the old Shetland pony, old as her mama, and played for a while on an old tractor, bouncing in the seat, turning the steering wheel, and shifting gears.

And then we have the new toys, environments and heights to explore: while downstairs yesterday, Maddie managed to stop playing the piano and climb her way to the top, four and a half feet of the ground, in a matter of seconds. She sat atop, grinning, looking at Grammy's Mother's Day cards. And a few hours later, she had made her way to the wide window sill behind the couch, strutting to and fro like a rooster, her chest puffed up with pride.

Vacation is fun for us all, even if a lot of work for Mama. Nothing brings me joy like seeing my child thrive.

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