Saturday, March 15, 2008

and another thing...

Last Sunday we took you to the city to hear some live music: a little bit of soul, a little bit of funk, and a whole lotta gospel flavor. The vibe was smooth, fun, funky and pretty much too cool for the likes of your suburbanite parents. Nevertheless, we hate to pass up a good gig and when else can we take in live music but between the hours of 3-5?!

Of all the people packed into that small Cuban cafe, you knew the two of us, Boppa, Aunties Nee-Nee and Eskedar, and two of the musicians (because you are one hep cat, little momma). Wiatt let you touch his well-loved tenor saxophones and Justin shared a story about his nephew your age. But friendly faces or not, you were right at ease. Your Daddy and I watched in awe as you worked the room, dancing right in front of the band, boldly approaching loud speakers and navigating electrical cords, visiting strangers in their seats, and returning to us now and again for a snack to fuel your adventures.

For two hours you explored the cafe, wandered the sidewalks with Boppa or Nee-Nee or anyone else who would hold your hand as you navigated the threshold between inside and out. You even kissed the lead singer of the band, a handsome, dreadlocked Tongan for Jesus who any girl in the room would have loved to talk to.

Later that night, your dad said you made him such a "proud papa" as we watched you so confidently move about the room, unafraid to explore and engage and endear yourself to so many people. You were the sunshine that lit up the small cafe that day, and it is our sincere prayer that you never lose your adventurous, courageous spirit that touches not only us, but a room full of people worlds away, in the city, on a Spring afternoon.

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bonnieb said...

I heard all about the adventures of Maddie at the Regge concert and am delighted by her zeal for life. Hooray! love, tutu