Saturday, February 17, 2007


No one could have prepared me for the two truths of parenthood: 1) a newborn is absolutely exhausting and the schedule is SO demanding, and; 2) the love I have for this little baby is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Maddie is an absolute dream of a baby right now--she is sleeping between 3-6 hours at night, feeding well during the day, and responsive smiling at us right after nursing and when she first wakes up. That, with the cooing and daily changes in her voice, well it has me by the heartstrings. She is fun and cute and snuggly and hilarious.

If I would have blogged a week and a half ago, this post would have sounded seriously more depressing. My nipples were sore and cracked, my baby refused to nurse at times, I spent twenty minutes sobbing on the floor of the nursery when in the middle of the night I had to break down and give my ravenous child formula after attempting to nurse for 40 minutes. Maddie was waking up twenty minutes after one feeding, ready for the next. The 3-week growth spurt was no joke in the Joyce household!

As of yesterday, we're up to the 75th percentile for weight, 97th for height! We're not sure where she got the long body, maybe in the family genes, but not from mama or daddy! It was a beautiful February day in the Bay Area (70 degrees) so we decided to take Madeleine for her first trip to the beach. We ate lunch in the sunshine, made it through our first public breastfeeding (I don't think I flashed anyone and it was totally fine), took Maddie to see the ocean (she slept through it all) and made a stop at Poppy and Tutu's on the way home. I was afraid she might be overstimulated after such a busy day but the little sweetheart slept from 9 until 2:30. I love those long stretches...they feel like a full night's sleep after the 3-week non-stop nurse fest.

I'd tell any new parent to stick it out for the first month, to realize that nursing is very difficult at times, the schedule is absolutely overwhelming and the lack of sleep can cause some real emotional moments...but it is all worth it. Even being totally prepared and even experienced in caring for little ones, we had no idea just how difficult but rewarding this journey would be. Every morning I sing praises for this little miracle of life, knowing my love just swells every moment I spend with her!

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