Monday, September 11, 2006

and because a baby update is needed

I had such good intentions for writing frequently, as I'm sure most bloggers do. But I find myself with less and less interesting things to write about. Who wants to hear about my growing belly besides a few dedicated Maddie-Fans? (Considering they're the only ones reading this blog, I guess it's not such a bad thing I'm pregnancy-obsessed).

22 weeks and feeling great! Pregnancy seems to suit me well, and I feel good most days. There are some stretching pains but they are infrequent. Madeleine likes to hang out on one side of my belly, especially when I've been sitting for a while. But she'll move if I get up and walk around or rub my belly where she's balled up. Sleeping improved greatly when I purchased my deluxe plush body pillow from Costco for $11.99 (eat your heart out, pregnancy pillows)!

Madeleine moves all the time, and it still catches me by surprise and makes me giggle. In the early morning, she often wakes me up with gentle yet pronounced kicks to my side. Ben has been able to feel her during these morning exercise routines, and it is fun to snuggle with his hand cupping my side, both of us laughing with amazement at her movement. He also talks to her frequently, telling her all about his day. Our poor dog Hanalei always tries to wedge her way in when he talks to the belly, as his voice is high and sing-songy, much like the "daddy voice" he uses with her.

The nursery is nearly done: walls painted, peg rail hung, pictures up, crib and dresser in place. We still have to get new closet knobs and Ben's mom is working diligently on our crib bedding. I feel great that we are well ahead of the game and we did it early enough that I was able to help out.

We found out sad news last week. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so we await a more precise prognosis and surgery details. For a few days I was in quite a funk, but I started to feel people's prayers set in and an overwhelming sense of peace has been with me lately. One thing infertility has taught me is to be patient and to trust the One who created me. I totally trust that he who began a good work in my mom will be faithful to complete it. And I trust that he is a God of healing. So I cling to these truths and do my best to be strong and prayerful for my mom.

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